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Womens' body of Hmarkhawlien complains of water scarcity

SILCHAR, Aug 9: Integrated Hmar Womens' Empowerment and Development Society submitted a memorandum to Rathindra Chandra Dey, assistant executive engineerof Public Health Engineering (PHE) department of Lakhipur subdivision of Cachar district, repeating their complaints on the erratic supply of water under Fuletal (Hmarkhawlien) water supply scheme. Members of the Society, accompanied by L T Hmar, president of Hmar Students' Association, said that after being so many complaints on the issue, the concerned authority remained indifferent and negligent towards their duty.
Elizabeth Hmar, chairman of the organization said that due to low water point population ratio, there has been frequent fight over sharing of water leading to chaos and social tension among the residents. She added to say, "As there is leakage in water pipe, a large volume of water get wasted."
As the machineries were obsolete, the water could not be pumped up for longer periods, she said, adding, "The timing of water supply is erratic as thesupply of water coincides with school timing." She also expressed her disappointment on the duration of water supply as she said, "Barring Fulertal PHE, all water supply schemes under Lakhipur subdivision are supplying waterat least twice a day, where as we receive it only once a day that too for a period of 20-30 minutes a day."
The organization sought theintervention of the assistantexecutive engineer for immediate solution of the problem. (Sentinelassam)

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