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BVMDC demands dissolution of Manipuri Development Council

SILCHAR, Nov 27: "Manipuri Development Council needs to be dissolved and reconstituted with knowledgeable persons of social standing with clean image and integrity and dedicated to the selfless service to the community for their overall progress, prosperity and development" observed M Kula Chandra Singha, president, Barak Valley Manipuri Development Committee (BVMDC) while addressing a press meet here on Saturday. He raised questions about the functioning ofthe interim Council and said that the Manipuri beneficiaries are kept in the dark about the various development schemes and related training programmes. The notification about them is done in a manner which is brought to the knowledge of a few persons close to the members of the Council only.
M Kula Chandra Singha wanted to know if the training requirements of the nurses are done according to the guidelines and scope of their placement after training. He alleged that the interest of deserving candidates in all the Manipuri inhabited areas is not taken care of for such training. He also wanted to know why a private nursing school has been located at Guwahati, besides thoseselected for training come of well to do families. Has any attempt been made for the training of nurses in different medical colleges of the state, he asked?
Continuing his tirade, he said setting up of training centres for diploma courses in beautician, hairstyle, driving, spoken English, tailoring and other subjects exclusively for Manipuri unemployed youths is unjustified. The avenues of their job after training have to be examined, he argued and added to say why the existing ITIs and other government approved institutes could not be used for imparting training. He at the same time brought the allegation that beneficiaries for financial assistance are selected on the basis of nepotism and favouritism.
Other members who addressed the press meet in identical mannerquestioned the functioning of the interim Council. They expressed their apprehension about the proper utilization of government fund for training of 779 SC youths during 2009 – 10 in various courses. The training centres have been opened at various places of Assam including Barak Valley without taking all the members of the Council as well as the senior citizens of the community into confidence.
The members of the Committee expressed their lack of confidence in the Council for its wayward and whimsical manner, flouting the declared principles and norms. It was their considered opinion that the Council could live up to the expectations of the community if it followed the guidelines by identifying the problem areas, study and assess the requirementsof Manipuris and thereby formulate schemes in a transparent manner for their socio-economic, educational and cultural development. The Committee reiterated the dissolution and reconstitution of the Council in the larger interest ofManipuris. Th Krishna Mohan Singha, L Gulamjit Singha, N Dhavaja Singha and K Samarjit Singha as well as other members of the Committee were present at the media briefing. (Sentinelassam)

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