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October 25, 2011

Student body condemns blast

SILCHAR, Oct. 24: All Assam Manipuri Students Union, Lakhipurdistrict committee condemned thebomb explosion at Saturday midnight at Fulertol to disrupt the movement of trucks loaded with essential commodities to Manipur.
H Loyataba Singh, general secretary of the Lakhipur unit of the student body urged upon the general public to remain restraint and united so that the miscreants' evil designed could be foiled.
It is to be noted that on Saturday midnight a bomb exploded beneath a loaded truck at a place between Fulertol and Chiripul. Thetruck caught fire though the timely intervention of fire fighters brought the situation under control. On Sunday morning local people noticed another bomb, which was identified as an IED.
However, Police Super P. K. Bhuiyan claimed that it was not at all an explosive item.

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