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Sex workers causing menace for Premtola residents

Silchar, Aug 8: Pimps and call girls have become a great menace to the peace and tranquility of the residential areas in and around Premtola. A phenomenon assuming serious dimension with its social ramifications. The situation is such, as articulated by the disturbed residents in their petition to the deputy commissioner of Cachar, Harendra Kumar Dev Mahanta, on Saturday that these shadowy figures in different guises haunt the busiest areas even during day to lure customers. The unassuming looking pan-shop vendors have also joined the seedy business by selling country liquor clandestinely. The petition urges the district administration to intervene immediately and deal with the situation with the firmness it deserves.
Not long ago a police officer of Mizoram House here speaking about the network of sex workers said that these characters joined in by other dark elements in their teens can be found moving around from Sonai Road on the fringe of the town to Bhaga, a stretch of 30 kms, on NH 53. According to the study carried by NGO Nari Nivedita Sangha with its crusade against STD/HIV/AIDS since 1996 found that the network of female sex workers was widening and expanding.
Diba Roy, secretary of the NGO, was on record to say the highway sex workers are active from Verengtei, entry point of Mizoram, to Panpatty in the very heart of this town just close to Premtola. Around 1000 sex workers are concentrated in Panpatty who are from different parts of Assam, North Bengal, Mizoram and Mynamar, she pointed out.
Eateries along the highway, some hotels in the outskirts of this town, unsuspecting houses in certain infamous pockets, particularly Nagatila, just 8 kms away, have become rendezvous of pimps and vamps. Call girls, the study says, have also joined the business of slush money. The findings of the NGO indicate truck drivers in general from different states taking to NH 54 have become the largest customers, followed by persons from security forces. The problem gets mercurial as various classes of people are involved in this shady business.
Five trucker points have also been identified at Ramnagar, Sonai Road, Chamragodam, Lylapur and Verengtei which have become the known destinations of the seekers of promiscuous pleasures and the pimps roam around to lure them. The NGO has also indentified five hotels which thrive on flesh-trade. It would not name them for obvious reason.
The NGO discovered the most disturbing factor how broken families, poverty, wayward life and compelling circumstances force even women from Myanmar and Mizoram to take to the sleazy business for survival.
From all reckoning, the problem faced by the residents of Premtola because of being in close proximity to the red light area of Panpatty might have its spillover in other residential areas. The menace can be tackled with through social mobilization as well as awareness campaign, besides administrative measures, against it. (SentinelAssam)

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