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July 17, 2011

BVHTDC condemns statements of NSCN (K), seeks clarifications

SILCHAR, July 16: Members of Barak Valley Hill Tribes Development Council (BVHTDC) who held a press meet here today at Silchar Press Club along with the members of All Assam Tribal Sangha condemned the statements of NSCN (K) which appeared in The Sentinel dated July 12, 13 and 16 issued by the Cachar area in charge Gaikhangning, Rajapeyue and sought specific clarifications on the contents therein. Jamumpau Kabui, council member, pointing out at the NSCN (K) Zeliangrong statement signed by Gaikhangning, Rajapeyue, owning responsibility for killing Babul Rongmei as appeared in The Sentinel of July 12 asked how could the outfit now in ceasefire with the Governmentof India operate openly and target thechairman of Barak Valley Hill Tribes Development Council? He wanted to know what was the offence of Babul Rongmei for which he had to be eliminated.
Jamumpau Kabui said there was no existence of either NSCN (K) or NSCN (IM) operating in Barak Valley. The claim of Gaikhangning being the Cachar area in charge of NSCN (K) was false and an exercise at camouflaging his real identity and to divert the attention of the investigation agencies. Since the outfit in question was in ceasefire, the Government of India and the State Government of Assam should clarify how NSCN (K) could openly operate and also claim responsibility for the killing of Babul. If the order came from the top hierarchy of the outfit, it should also be made public. He demanded proper investigation into this claim of NSCN (K).
Babul Rongmei, he further pointed out, worked for the welfare of not only tribals but also for all people irrespective of caste and creed. The statement of NSCN (K) that he had to be eliminated as he stood in the way of the interest of Zeliangrong and of Nagas as a whole. Nor was Babul involved in any kind of activity to disturb communal harmony between Zeliangrong and other tribes. He never acted as a dictator nor did he make any move to disgrace the culture, tradition and religion of Zeliangrong.
Jamumpau Kabui also dubbed the NSCN (K) clarification on slain assailantwho shot at Babul Rongmei, causing his death, as a sincere and smart cadreof NSCN holding the rank of 2nd lieutenant as false and fabricated. His identity as Blesson Golmei and not Blinkson Hmar as claimed by Gaikhangning, Rajapeyue was yet another ploy to hide the assailant which he said was hired along with two others on 'killing mission' by some force or elements who wanted to kill Babul for their self-aggrandizement.
Jamumpau Kabui at the same time referring to the statement of NSCN (K) Cachar area in charge on the help and cooperation of different tribal bodies said "it is part of their humanitarian work to extend support to anybody indistress, that too in the case of a person dead".
Jamumpau Kabui took the opportunity to express the unhappiness at the way investigation by police "is progressing". He demanded the arrest of the mastermind and the culprit behind the crime and said the security agencies should take precautionary measures to prevent occurrence of such events in future. (SentinelAssam)

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