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‘Naga Crusader’ eludes identity, govt cautions Nagaland Post for publishing its statement

Imphal, June 22: A press statement dispatched by a group called “Naga Crusader” through e-mail was published by Nagaland Post, which the editor later admitted was due to an oversight by his staff.
The “Naga Crusader” asked Meeteis residing and staying in the hill districts of Manipur to leave within July 10, the newspaper quoted the e-mail statement of the group which the editor termed as a “mischievous organisation”.
Taking serious note of the communal content, the All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) convened a meeting today at Manipur Press Club attended by editors of newspapers published in Imphal and the ISTV cable network.
Considering the sensitivity of the report, members of AMWJU and the various editors wanted to know the facts of “Naga Crusader” and its dispatch of the press release the scribes’ body said.
They contacted the editor of the newspaper which published the report over phone. The editor admitted the mistake of publishing the report without checking on the antecedents of the group. He informed AMWJU the group could be a “mischievous organisation” and apologised for not cross checking while filing the report, and that he had served an explanation call to the staff responsible for accepting the release.
He further assured that he will investigate into the ID which e-mailed the statement so that appropriate action can be taken up and to avoid repetition in the publication of communal statements.
He expressed regret for his staff’s oversight, the AMWJU statement added. AMWJU has also contacted various Naga based organisations and appealed to identify the group “Naga Crusader” responsible for the dispatch of the press release. The United Naga Council informed that they have no idea of any group called “Naga Crusader” and that they are also investigating into the ‘organisation’.
Source from NSCN-IM and NSCN-K also said that they have no idea about the existence of such an organisation. A spokesperson of the ministry of information & publicity of the NSCN-IM informed Hueiyen Lanpao that there is no outfit called “Naga Crusader”.
He also appealed to the people of the state not to feel panicky by the communal statement of the non-existent outfit. If any organisation or group have different views regarding Meeteis and Nagas, there are organisations both for the Meiteis and Nagas to deal with it and to solve them from time to time. Nothing can be done by an unknown organisation, he said.
He further informed that NSCN-IM’s higher authority has informed its units to investigate into the existence of the group so that appropriate action could be initiated.
Manipur government has warned the “Nagaland Post” for publishing such a report which tantamount to spreading communal tension among the different communities in the state, said government spokesperson, minister N Biren.
Biren said that even though the editor regretted the mistake in carrying out the report, he should have thought twice before publishing the statement which bears communal overtones.
If the report becomes a challenge to the law and order in the state, the editor of the newspaper cannot be a bystander, the spokesperson asserted.
However, he was happy that the editor admitted his mistake and assured of corrective measures, Biren said appealing to the people for calm.
The quit notice served to the Meeteis residing/staying in hill districts of Manipur received strong reactions from the United Committee Manipur (UCM) and the All Manipur United Clubs Organisation (AMUCO) today. (Hueiyen News Service)

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