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Lawyers air concern over plight of Hindu Bengali people

SILCHAR, June 22: The Cachar district unit of Akhil Bharatiya Adhibakta Parishad (AVAP), an All India Lawyers’ Forum, at a formal meeting held here today and attended by a host of eminent lawyer members of the Parishad and other invitees Boloram Das Roy, social activist, and Kshounish Chakraborty, educationist, expressed deep concern and anguish over the uncertainties of the citizenship right of the Hindu Bengali refugees who had to migrate and continue to migrate to North Eastern States especially Assam from erstwhile East Pakistan, present Bangladesh, being the victims of communal hatred and religious zealotry of the majority Muslims of that country and also over the misgivings arisen on the appellation ‘D’ voter attached to lakhs and lakhs of those unfortunate refugees due to inept government policy.
The meeting was presided over by the president of the Parishad, senior most lawyer, Anil Chandra Dey. The general secretary of the unit, advocate Shantanu Nayak, placed before the distinguished assembly how the issues of not only refugees, ‘D’ voters but also that of infiltration were projected by him at the All India Forum of Advocates. The members presented there views on the next phase of action to be taken in the interest of the refugees.
While subjecting the Central and the State Government to scathing criticism for its indifferent attitude towards the predicament of Hindu refugees of the State of Assam, all the members stressed on mass awareness programmes to safeguard their interest living under constant consternation of being deported out of India and on combating the problem lawfully.
The general consensus was to bring necessary amendments to the existing Citizenship Act of 1955 in respect of the refugees uprooted from their hearths and homes due to civil disturbances in their native home land in consonance with Citizenship (Amendment) Rules 2005 in their application to the States of Gujarat and Rajasthan and if the existing laws are found inadequate, necessary ordinances be promulgated or a required law is to be legislated to give permanent protection to the Hindu refugees in Assam.
The Parishad members decided to take all possible steps for legislation and implementation of necessary laws in this regard. Such steps would give the required fillip to other organizations in their lawful fight for the same cause. It was also decided to take up the issue at the national-level and gird up its loins to protect the unfortunate refugees scattered in the State of Assam. The inputs of the discussions and resolutions adopted were shared by Arijit Kumar Deb, advocate and member of the Parishad. (SentinelAssam)

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