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August 07, 2010

Showdown between Gautam and Siddique camps

SILCHAR, Aug 6: Stage set for a showdown between pro-Gautam Roy and pro-Siddique Ahmed in Karimganj district Congress. The new District Congress Committee (DCC), virtually designed by the Parliamentary Secretary Ahmed, had issued show-cause notices to four Congressmen, who were known as Gautam loyalists for their anti-Siddique stand. They are Iqbal Hussain, Samsul Bari, Babul Kuri and Raju Choudhury. The DCC core committee, in its first ever meeting on Thursday night, decided to show-cause the four. On the other hand, the Gautam loyalists had defied the authority of the DCC to show-cause them. Meanwhile, a group of Congress leaders who maintained close relation with former Union Minister Sontosh Mohan Dev to counter Gautam Roy’s influence in the DCC, was reportedly willing to tie up with the Gautam loyalists, this time to tame Siddique Ahmed. Meanwhile, the DCC had decided to form a disciplinary committee immediately. It was a significant development that the DCC leaders who used to praise Gautam Roy with flowery vocabulary, took little time to change their stance once Siddique was made the Parliamentary Secretary by the Chief Minister himself. Siddique was also entrusted with the task of forming the new DCC, which he did democratically retaining Satu Roy, a Gautam Roy loyalist, as the DCC president. However, on the other hand, Siddique constituted a core committee headed by Manilal Goala, an anti-Gautam leader and this committee was entrusted with supreme power. (SENTINELASSAM)

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  1. Let the oppurtunists not interfere with the various development schemes being taken up Mr.Roy the leader of the masses. Let the politics of inefficient Leaders based on caste and religion be stopped for all round development of Barak Valley.


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