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No compromise with rebels, says Susmita camp

SILCHAR, Aug 5: Gautam Roy’s emissary and Dinesh Prasad Goala’s power play did not seem to succeed in overcoming the stalemate as the Susmita Dev camp made it clear that in no case that would share the dais with those seven Congress Ward Commissioners who voted in favour of BJP to dethrone Susmita Dev from the post of Silchar Municipal Board. At least eight Commissioners belonging to Susmita camp had already left the town. Meanwhile, sensing the public mood, Goala for the first time admitted that obstinate stance of seven party workers also to be blamed for the complex situation. He, however, stuck to his earlier standpoint that Susmita’s obstinacy accelerated her downfall. Further, she neglected district as well as State committee’s advice to negotiate with the rebels. Susmita, however, stated that she had not received any directives from the APCC. The situation grew more complex as Goala could not support the formation of SMB with the help of the BJP as the Board had 19 party Commissioners. On the other hand, he could not even sit in a discussion with the rebel Commissioners as they had been suspended by the district committee and as DCC president Arun Dutta Majumder maintained the suspension had been endorsed by the State president. As a result, the suspension order, at first, needed to be revoked. Goala had already washed his hand off as he argued that a suspended Ward Commissioner Binay Krishna Das was made the interim Chairman of the Board by his department on the recommendation of the Deputy Commissioner. Goala, surprisingly, claimed that he was not aware of the development though he was the Minister of the Urban Development Department. (SENTINELASSAM)

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