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September 06, 2009

‘Govt responsible for 7/23 killings’

IMPHAL, Sep 5 : Asserting that the incident of July 23 was a clear case of fake en-counter, CPI (M) Lok Sabha MP Dr Ramchandra Dom has asserted that the State Government should be held responsible for the fake encounter.
Addressing a conferen-ce at the state CPI (M) office at Governor Road this mor-ning, Dr Ramchandra Dom said that his party would campaign for repeal of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act from Manipur.
Condemning the indis-criminate opening of fire by security forces in the name of combating insurgents at one of the most busiest place of Manipur, Dr Ram-chandra observed that the clear evidence which pro-ved the killing of Sanjit in a fake encounter has con-firmed the prevailing situa-tion of lawlessness in Mani- pur.
The Government has miserably failed in protec-ting the lives of its citizens, he said.
Stating that the mass movement launched by the people of Manipur, the Apunba Lup and the JACs against the Khwairamband incident was well justified, the MP said that the CPI (M) would support the move-ment.
All the security person-nel guilty for the July 23 killing should be termina-ted. The Govt should take up befitting actions the responsible police officers instead of condoning them, the MP demanded.
Dr Ramchandra also demanded adequate com-pensation for the families of the victims.
A number of innocent persons are being killed in Manipur in the name of counter insurgency opera-tions, he observed while expressing fear that the same trend would continue in the coming years too.
Saying that he has in-teracted with families of the victims, JAC functionaries and representatives of civil society organisations, Dr Ramchandra Dom pledged that CPI (M) would support the mass movement of the people of Manipur until and unless facts and circum-stances of the killing are established and the guilty punished accordingly.
The CPI(M) would be launching a campaign at the national and parliamentary level to check fake encoun-ters and extra-judicial kil- lings in Manipur and also to scrap the draconian laws being imposed in the North East, Dr Ramchandra said. (Source-Sangai Express)

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