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September 19, 2009

Education scenario: Illegally appointed teachers regularized

SILCHAR, Sept 18: The academic scenario in the State-run schools is in a mess with irregularities and anomalies galore in the appointment of teachers, setting at nought the very noble objective of education. Citing specific instances, an NGO named All Cachar Unemployed Educated Youth Organization (ACUEYO) in a memorandum to the Governor of Asom, Minister of Education and other high officials concerned at Dispur has called for thorough investigation to unearth the planned and designed scam in public interest and for the cause of education.
ACUEYO pointed out that the rulings of the Supreme Court and Gauhati High Court in civil appeal and writ appeal respectively held that “any appointment made an violation of prescribed rules is illegal” and that “it is not necessary to issue show cause to an illegally appointed teacher before termination.”
The Elementary Education Department by WT message dated February 6, 2007, directed the Cachar Deputy Elementary Education Officer to terminate 21 illegally appointed middle school teachers. Accordingly, the DEEO terminated these 21 teachers as per government instructions wide reference no. 1140/07. From the letter of Director of Asom Elementary Education dated August 4, 2009, it appears that the terminated teachers in question preferred appeals before the Asom Administrative Tribunal and the Tribunal passed the stay order on the termination.
ACUEYO referred to a Government WT message dated December 29, 2006, addressed to all district elementary education officers, deputy inspectors of schools and block elementary education officers of the State to certify in the pay bill with full signature of drawing and disbursing officer to the effect that no salary for any illegal teacher has been claimed in the bill.
The NGO notes that it is most painful and unfortunate that the appeal cases were not contested properly and as a consequence the Government lost the cases. More surprisingly, the Government without filing appeals before the appropriate Court of Law as directed by the Director of Elementary Education, Asom, to stay the termination order. The DEE also complied with the unjustified instruction of the Government without going for appeals as per instruction of the Government memo dated October 28, 2005.
The Chief Secretary of Asom in his letter dated January 5, 2008, expressed serious concern against the inaction of the Government officers for not defending the Government in Court cases, causing huge loss of public money. He suggested action against the officers responsible as per section 8 (2) of the Asom Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2005. Similar concern was also voiced by the Finance Department Principal Secretary.
Office memorandum of the Education Department clearly stated “It will be the responsibility of the Director of Secondary Education, Director of Elementary Education, Inspector of Schools, District Elementary Education Officers, Deputy Inspectors of Schools and Block Elementary Education Officers to see the Court cases are properly defended”. In the event of the case/ cases being lost, “responsibility will be fixed and appropriate action against the defaulting officers will be initiated”.
The memorandum has been identified by names of some high officials of the Elementary Education Department and Asom Administrative Tribunal for their questionable role in these gross anomalies. The memorandum signed by ACUEYO secretary Niranjan Sen has demanded immediate steps to file appeal before the Guahati High Court to take disciplinary action against the defaulting officers of the Education Department, payment of salary to be made to the illegal teachers be realized from the responsible officers and they be held responsible for further payments as well. (Source - The Sentinel)

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