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Apunba Lup calls for stir intensification until chief minister Ibobi is dismissed

Imphal, August 20: The Apunba Lup urged the people to intensify their agitation against the Central government’s refusal to removed chief minister Okram Ibobi who has been unleashing a reign of terror and carnage in the state. The Lup today in a statement said that despite the democratic movement against the incident of July 23 Khwairamband Firing, “killer” Ibobi still remains unmoved. It said that moreover the incident has been condemn by even international community however Central leaders still continue to endorse “killer” Ibobi and asserted that it would be right for the leaders to think how the security forces would turn the state into killing field in the near future. Further the Lup asked the Indian leaders need to clarify whether Manipur was a democratic state under India or an enslave state under India. The so called “Land of Jewel” has been rife with killings in set-up encounters since Ibobi came into power however the photos published by Tehelka this time has exposed his crimes. Further the statement said that before the exposition of Tehelka photo the chief minister tried to fool the people as well as the democracy of India by giving false statement.The statement also urged the MLAs and ministers were already late and reminded that Ibobi regime might one day strike against their friends and relative too and it was the right time to change their leader before the state is filled with only the wails of bereaved families.It said that despite the movement of people including mass court arrests, meira rallies, bandhs and sit in protests etc there has been no positive sign from the MLAs, minister and Central leaders and asserted that past incidents has already shown the world that in a democratic country like India only democratic means of protest was not enough until there was bloodshed. The Lup also held that “Killer” Ibobi and the Central leaders were inviting another such bloodshed.The Lup also condemn the police action against the protestor who were carrying out democratic means of showing their discontents. It said that amidst the high handedness and criminal activities of the security forces under the chief minister Ibobi regime, the act of arresting an eleven year old girl for unable to arrest her parents was once such crime that rarely occurred in the world and was also against the Indian law and strongly condemn the act of the security forces creating psychological effect on the girls.Instead of facing atrocities and killing and reeling under fear of being killed under the regime of Ibobi Government, the Lup urged the people not to let up with agitation against the ouster of Ibobi for a better life. -- source- Imphal Free Press

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