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Employees go for indefinite strike in NC Hills

SILCHAR, Aug 23: The fate of 4550 employees of the Normal Sector of the NC Hills Autonomous Council, hangs in uncertainty as they have not received their salary for the last five months.
The employees have already started an indefinite strike demanding the immediate disbursement of their due salaries. Sources said, Principal secretary Dibakar Nath Mishra had reportedly questioned the validity of the appointment of the employees belonging to the Normal Sector of the council.
Erstwhile council representatives issued appointment letters at their will and no scheduled procedure was maintained. The salaries were being paid by diverting funds of various departments, sources added. The overstaffed Normal Sector required almost Rs 50 crore per month for salary, whereas the sector could generated a mere five crore on its own. Mishra, who recently joined as the Principal secretary (N), found immense irregularities in the allocation of funds as well as appointments. Even the employees of the Transfer sector of the Council covering 30 departments, were being deprived of their regular salary. It was found that the Council leaders used to divert the fund, allocated by the State Government for various development scheme, at their free will. A major amount of money was drained out to the coffer of the militants. Problems cropped up after the dissolution of the Council by the State Government. (Source - Sentinel Assam)

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