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Citizens facing a harrowing time

SILCHAR, Aug 23: With incessant rains lashing the town for the last one week, the situation has worsened, thereby causing trouble to the daily commuters. The roads which were recently laid with a Central funding of Rs 5 crore, have already given way to potholes and craters. The improvement of drainage system undertaken by the National Building Construction Company (NBCC) has been suspended after spending an amount of seven crore against the total allocation of Rs 158 crore by the Centre.
If sources are to be believed, NBCC decided to quit work alleging too much interference from the public, a lame excuse to cover up their own lapses. Meanwhile, drains are clogged to the brim and overflowing at many places. This has resulted in dirty water spilling over on the roads and pavements of the town.
In certain areas, drains are clogged and there is no outlet for the accumulated water to flush out. The residents are also to be blamed as they fling waste materials and plastic bags into the drains. As the garbage bins are not cleared by the civic authority on a regular basis, waste matter from these containers are often pulled out by stray cows, leaving the streets and drains dirty. At several places, drains are open, with slabs over them either broken or caved in.
The woes of the citizens have mounted due to the unattended garbage on the streets, stalled drain water and the abominable stench emanating from them. Pedestrians are finding it difficult to use the roads. A haberdasher Mrintunjoy Paul said, “It is difficult to sit and do business as the rotten matter stinks badly. Customers find it repulsive to step over the drain and come to my shop”. Namita Dey, a house wife of Shillongpatty road said, “Conservancy staff often do not take care to take away the waste matter while cleaning the drains. Instead, these are left on the road side, making the surroundings dirty”.
Meanwhile, garbage and the stagnant water in the drains have become a breeding ground for germs. “Any person can get infected by bacteria and virus due to this contamination”, observed B Bhattacharjee, a physician. Though the new municipal board is yet to be formed, an executive in the establishment claimed that the garbage and drains are being regularly cleaned.
In spite of problems looming large over the citizens, they are hopeful that the new municipal board to be formed by the Congress, will take action to improve the civic amenities in the town. (Source - Sentinel Assam)

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