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Atuar playing pressure tactics on Ajmal?

SILCHAR, June 22: Muslim polities in Barak valley, boosted up with the advent of the AUDF, has found itself in an unexpected turmoil even after faring quite well in the last general elections. Though the AUDF could not win either of the two LS seats in the valley, it finished second in both Karimganj and Silchar Lok Sabha seats. The significant matter is the fact that the party could maintain lead in eight out of fifteen Assembly segments, thus promising for a better results in the 2011 Assembly elections.
But quite surprisingly, the AUDF failed to carry forward the tempo that was generated during the Lok Sabha elections just four months back. The central leadership of the party has already dissolved its Cachar and Hailakandi district units following an open showdown among the local leaders.
The turmoil now takes a dramatic turn as AUDF MLA from Katigorah Maoulana Ataur Rahman Majharbhuiya allegedly trying to capitalize his parent socio-religious organization, the Northeast Nadwatut-Tamir, to throw a challenge to AUDF supremo Badrauddin Ajmal. On Wednesday, Majaharbhuiya convened a meeting of the Nadwatut in Guwahati without informing Moulana Tayeebur Rahman, Amir-e-Shariyat. It is reported that the meeting on Wednesday took certain decisions indicating that the Nadwatut would not tolerate the ‘autocratic rule’ of Ajaml. Secondly, the meeting focused on strengthening the coordination committee which was formed at the time AUDF’s coming into existence. It was said that Ajmal had been neglecting Nadwatut. Thirdly, the meeting expressed reservation against the reported candidature of Ajmal’s son in South Salmara bi-elections.
The report of the Wednesday meeting created much ripples inside Nadwatut. Amir-e-Shariyat reportedly hinted that he was not aware of the meeting. Other senior members of the organization also reported that Ataur Rahman had, in his personal capacity, convened the meeting in Guwahati as he wanted to put pressure of the AUDF leadership. It is to be noted that Majharbhuiya was allegedly involved in mishandling of fund during last general elections in Silchar where Ajmal was the candidate. Former district president Anup Choudhury, in his secret report to Ajmal, had openly alleged that Majharbhuiya teamed up with district general secretary Altaf Hussain and youth leader Saminul Haque to misguide Ajmal. In other words, Majharbhuiya was not in the good book of Ajmal, and it was assumed that he might not get nomination in the forthcoming Assembly elections. Sensing trouble, Majharbhuiya tried to put pressure on Ajmal by involving Nadwatut. But the attempt seemed to boomerang. Meanwhile, an AUDF central leader said Ajmal will not succumb to such types to blackmailing. On the other hand, Anup Choudhury said the AUDF is a political party and Nadwatut is a non-political socio-religious organization. Hence, Majharbhuiya’s pressure tactic will not get any takers. (Source - Sentinel Assam)

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