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War of words between Dev and Purkayastha

SILCHAR, July 26: Former Union Minister and senior Congress leader Sontosh Mohan Dev, who lost in the recently-held general election to BJP’s Kabindra Purkayastha, alleged that somebody from the State Congress government had helped Purkayastha with a hefty amount of money prior to the election. Dev further alleged that Purkayastha was engaged in corrupt practices and his newly built house, which is the current hot topic of discussion, is the proof.
Purkayastha bounced back at Dev within 24 hours advising him to bid adieu to active politics as he has emotionally broken down after his dismal defeat. He also challenged Dev to prove the allegation. Purkayastha, picking up the most avid point from Dev’s allegation, said that even the party members were eager to get rid of Dev and must have therefore helped Purkayatha with money.
Moreover, Purkayastha, in a scathing attack, said Dev has broken all records of corruption. In 1980, Dev sold all his properties to contest elections. But after that, he bought properties worth crores. Purkayastha said Dev has a number of palatial bungalows in Kolkata and Delhi.
Meanwhile MLA Bithika Dev, wife of Santosh Mohan Dev, said the house of Kiriti Purkayastha, younger brother of Kabindra Purkayastha, did not even have an electricity connection. But, after Kabindra Purkayastha was made a minister in the Vajpayee-led government, electricity was provided to his house immediately.
Reacting sharply to this allegation, Purkayastha said that his brother was financially stable to maintain electricity in his house. Supporting this, Kiriti Purkayastha said that he had applied for power connection in 1998 and also deposited the required affidavit and money to ASEB. He said the issue of electricity connection has nothing to do with his brother’s status as a Union minister.
On the other hand, Dev alleged that Purkayastha was keen on establishing family rule in the party as he made his son Kanad, a casual worker of Akashbani, his MPLAD nominee. In reply to this statement, Kanad said, Dev has virtually insulted all the casual workers of Akashbani and Door Darshan. He said, he stood first in the interview as a news reader in Akashbani, Silchar. (Source - The Sentinel)

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